tieing into asphalt shingles

jim mease
I have a low pitched 3/12 shed roof that covers our deck. It's about 27' wide and 30' long. I'm thinking about taking the rolled roofing off, because it's damaged and leaking, and putting a metal roof right on top of felt covered OSB. The problem is that the porch roof doesn't go under the eves or to the peak of the existing house, it ties into the 4/12 roof about half way up. The felt and rolled roofing material is tucked up underneth the shingels of the house so when it rains the water runs down the top of the roof and right onto the porch roof. Is there any way to tie a metal roof into a 3 tab asphalt shingled roof ? ..... I'm thinking of a flashing type of material that is half flat to fit under the shingels and half ribbed, pressed to the shape of the ajoining metal. I don't even know if anything like this exists! Any ideas? Thanks, Jim
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This sort of transitional flashing is possible but probably will not be configured to the metal roof shape but rather will have some sort of closure strip or Z Channel to block off the gaps caused by the metal roofing profile. It is important for such flashings to be mounted correctly and of adequate length so you do not create a negative pitch on the roof. I would consult with the manufacturer of the roofing you choose to determine what will work best with their product.

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