5V Crimp Installation

Chuck Denson
Most manufacturers recommend a solid decking below 5V, but I found one that does not. Here is my dilemna, my house has 5V on an OSB deck and I would like to match it on the pole shed I have beside the house; however, the pole shed has 1x4 purlins on the gambrel trusses. Why is the solid decking necessary for the 5V? Would it help to add purlins on 1 foot or 16-18 inch centers? Also heard that I shouldn't use treated wood for purlins if I add them due to corrosion, thoughts?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Treated lumber against steel will cause corrosion of the metal. As far as decking or not ... products are designed and then tested to meet building code and other requirements. It is critical that they always be installed according to manufacturer specifications. In many cases, the decking provides support to the metal panels for walkability.

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