alyse stevens
I have a condo that hasa metal roof that has a lot of snow built-up (12"to18") in the winter months, then comes crashing down two stroys on to the deck below. I'm thinking my best solution would be to install heat trace, so that the snow wont biuild up so high. I dont want it to stay up there because we have had some ice back-up causing interior damage. Is this a good solution or is there a better one?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
You probably have two situations happening. You have not provided enough information to make a better opinion. First there are two types of finishes common to metal roofs. Smooth (painted and natural) and granular coated. The smooth releases the snow while the granular retains the snow similar to a shingle roof. I am guessing that you have a smooth roof however somthing is causing the snow to bind on until it is so thick and lets loose. Normally they install a snow gurad to retain the snow to stop the avalanching. I believ that you have heat loss that is causing the snow to melt which runs down and then freezes when it hits the unheatedoverhang. It then builds up so thick that it retains the melted water from higher up and runs back up under the joints and into the house. A heat trace cable on the roof over the overhang will help stop the ice damming and hopefully the water entry. You can then install snow dams on the roof above the wall line to stop the snow avalanching. I hope this helps and I would recommend you contact an experienced local metal roofing contractor for his opinion.
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