CLiff Scheer
We have a home at 5500' elev. in Sierra Nevada Mtns. With Snows form 6' to 25 feet and freezing and thawing we have begun to get damage to the ribs (Flattening) and the fascia trim being torn or pushed off as the snow and ice slide off the front of the dormers. How can we reinforce the trim or will we need to put flat roof sheeting on the dormers and fascia with no ridge or rise to the edge. Our roofing contractor did the roof in the fall of 07 and since retired. He had no suggestions and did not offer to help or repair. We had no issues until last winter 09/10 and now some more in 10/11.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
These can be difficult issues. Sometimes beefing up to a heavier gauge or just parts that have extra hems and folds can help.l The other option would be to use "fold over" style trim on gables, etc. so that you do not have a part sitting on top of the roof that catches snow. Folding over at seams due to converging snow at valleys could perhaps be helped by snowguards or snowfences higher up on the roof to help slow the snow packing.

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