Alex Gil
Seam Type & Metal Thickness
The asphalt shingle roofing on my residence has reached the end of it's usable life & am considering replacing with a low maintenance, well performing, metal roof. This last winter was brutal in CT, we had some roof leaks & ice damming at the eaves. I'd like to install something robust that will perform well over time but am a concerned about oil canning. What are your thoughts on the following options? (Ridge to eave length = 37', roof width = 90', 4/12 pitch) Option A. Standing Seam, double lock, 16" panel width, 24 gauge Galvalume, continuous waterproof membrane & slip sheet Option B. Same as above except, single lock seam + 22 gauge Galvalume, to allow more panel rigidity & free-er movement to mitigate oil canning potential. Is it worth the extra money & labor for this? Option C. Metal shingles. Smaller area less likely to oil can. May be less water tight?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Alex, thanks for considering metal for your next roof. Your roof design sounds fairly simple and it has adequate pitch for pretty much any metal roof to be installed successfully. I would not get hung up just on the exact details of the product but spend some time making sure you have a good installer and also making sure that the product has a well-backed warranty and a quality coating. Oil canning generally happens because of one of the following: Stresses in the metal Improper forming of the roofing panels Unevenness of the roof deck Improper fastening of the panels Improper fastening clips These things could happen with either Option A or B. The best assurance against oilcanning would be a panel with heavy forming configuration to it. That could include metal shingles. I hope this helps. Todd

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