Debbie Suttle
I live in Cental Florida and am really interested in having a dark green metal roof. All of the manufacturers make it sound like metal roofs still look great after many years. The other day a roofer suggested I go look at one he had done 8 years ago. I was shocked when I saw it! It was very faded on the south side of the house and partially faded on the north side. The roof looked oxidized like vinyl siding does after being exposed to the sun for a period of time. I read an article online that said there is a treatment you can do to restore the color of the metal but I am skeptical. Can you please tell me how bad my roof may look in 10 years? I have my heart set on having a dark green metal roof but am so afraid of being stuck with an ugly roof in a few years. My husband uses a product called Seal Krete Original to remove the oxidation from vinyl siding which restores it to its original color. Have you ever heard of using that on a metal roof?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I have seen a couple of coatings that make those claims of revitalizing finishes but I honestly would not expect their results to be real long lived. The best thing you can do for chalk and fade resistance is a Kynar / Hylar finish which will usually carry a 30 year fade resistance warranty. However, keep in mind that southern states exposure is hard on any product. Also, you will find "muddier" colors like grays and browns hold their color better than real saturated or vibrant reds, blues, and greens. I hope this helps. The product you saw was likely not a Kynar / Hylar finish.

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