Round roof shed questions

Jason Cerven
I have a 40'x120' round roof (quonset) building that I am going to start to re-roof with steel. The steel i am going to be getting is a raised rib (1/2" rib) panel. The questions i have is do i need to put 2x4's every 2 feet up the roof and across to screw the steel to or can some sort of mat be put directly over the existing shingles before the metal panels are screwed down? Also on each end there is a one foot overhang that has a trim piece that is right on the end. Basically it looks like half of a interior rafter like what is on the inside. When i put steel on the ends as siding i would like to enclose that overhang with some sort of fascia. With the roof being round i am looking for some sort of cover that will go from where the metal ends on the roof edge to the fascia but it would need to be curved or formed to follow the roof line. The building is 40' wide and it is 25' tall at the peak so its not a totally round roof but very close. Any ideas or suggestions would be great In the picture you can see the overhang and the end piece that i need to cover Thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I hate to sound like I am passing the buck here ... though I sort of am. :-) As far as the fastening of the panels, that information much come form the metal roofing manufacturer. It is based upon the design and engineering of the panels and any load tables that govern the panel's use. I can't help you. Sorry. As far as that end piece ... no real easy way to create curved pieces out of metal. You can notch them and sort of ratchet them around and you could also cut a cap piece out of large flat stock. Really I would suggest going to an "old time" type sheet metal shop. They have pinch rollers and things that will allow them to do the best anyone could at producing what you need for that cap. Good luck. All Best.
Guest User
I came across this thread and will share what I see locally on some farm houses in response to the original poster. I am building a wrap around roof and if you can imagine, I have framed out my corners of the house in a curved manner. The roofing I need is exactly what is installed on this farm house porch roof. The metal roofing if taken off the house would be wider on one end than the other ,, thus laying them out into position, you achieve a radial curve that transitions side of the house's porch. The product did exist, builders just started "cutting corners" only,, leaving out creative curves like what the orignal poster needs as well as I. The metal panels I see here even have the water channels tappering closer and closer together as your eye follows the metal roof towards the corner of the structure. My deck and roof are curved. I curved my 16' long deck framing outside plate by cutting vertically 5/8'' up the side of the 2x6 and repeating this about every 3''. Letting the wood lay out in a rain storm offered moisture so then I was able to ratchet strap the wood into a consistent arch, place it in its spot and secure. I did the outside fascia of the curved roof line like this as well and for the life of me, I can not find the perfect metal to complement all the hard work I want to show off. Seems like metal roofing makers today want to call "curved metal roofing" the wrong name. A curve is a curve, An arch is what they are calling a curve but still is a retangular stamped piece of metal. At best I think a triangular stamped and water channeled metal roof design should be available.

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