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Karl Blasius
I intend to replace a traditional Spanish tile roof with standing seam metal roofing. Contractors differ as to whether I need to remove the 1 to 2 layers of old rolled roofing from wood sheathing. What is your opinion? Can you judge the soundness of the sheathing without a complete tear-off? A large fraction of the roof is low pitch, 1 to 2 in 12, so this rolled roofing has provided the principal water barrier.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
First of all make sure that you use a standing seam roof that is approved and designed for that low pitch. Next make sure that you adhere to any building codes in your locale in regards to removing the old roofing or not. Finally, if there is unevenness, that can force ripples, or oilcanning, into the standing seam. Some standing seam panels have strengthening beads to help protect against that.

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