Dennis Moore
I have a twin geodome home that I'd like to roof with some kind of metal roffing..has anyone else used your products on a geodome home? There is a near flat "cap" part of the roof that covers the top of the domes and the dome interconnecting part of the home. I could see using seamed panels for that cap part of the roof and then using some of you metal shingles or some other type of your metal roofing...your comments please...also considering some type of Grace Ice and Snow Dam preventer..underlayment on the 'cap' part of the roof. thnaks i will send photo next time...have to down load them
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I think the beefed-up underlayment is a good idea. However, keep in mind that the rubberized underlayments do not breathe real well. So, if you have any ventilation issues now that underlayment could exacerbate the matter. I am not aware of any standard cap for the top but it could perhaps be standing seam or a special sheet metal cap. Yes, I know that metal shingles have been used on domes before and are easier than standing seam I would think. However, I suspect that some shingles are easier to work with on domes than others. I know that with my company we have found one of our aluminum panels works well -- Rustic Shingle.
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