metal roof with leaking problems

Edythe Hill
Last summer after extensive hail damage on our old roof, we had a metal roof put on our 1904 older home. It has a large outside chimney for the fireplace & furnace. Water is getting in between the chimney & roof & running down inside the wall. We also are having water problems in a couple other areas. Last summer, the roofer came back & fixed where we had problems around a vent pipe, but we weren't aware of the other problem at the time. Now the roofer has moved and is no longer in the area. We need some suggestions as to what can be done to stop the water leakage and who would do this type of work.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would encourage you to have a brick mason look at it. They should be able to evaluate whether this is actually a masonry issue and they also, if necessary, should be able to re-seal the flashing that might be there. You could also contact the manufacturer of the roofing to see what they suggest.
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