Jack Garden
Is there a difference between a "cool roof" and one that is energy star rated? I see these two terms on various web sites and am not sure if they are the same. It seems that the "cool roof" has to have a particular certification by the cool roof rating council. And the cool roofs are the MOST efficient of roofing products on the market. Not so sure about the energy star rated roofs? Thanks
Eric Novotny
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The two terms are somewhat linked but can be exclusive. For example, I can install an Energy Star roof on a home and make less impact on overall utility consumption than a non-Energy Star cool roof. A cool roof just implies that you are reflecting more of the suns radiant energy back and away from the structure. This can be done via less absorptive materials, colors, or applications. An Energy Star roof is a material that has an emissivity that meets energy star requirement for reflectivity of heat. The terms are often interchanged but one does not necessarily mean the other. Check with a give manufacturer on the Energy Star qualification of a given material.
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