Angie Verbonitz
My husband and I are going to be putting a new roof on our single story ranch home here in the near future. However we have not yet came to an agreement on the color. At some point we will also be replacing the siding on our home but the roof is priority. He likes the look of the hunter green. And I like black. So here in lies the debate. He is thinking the black will be "hotter" than the green. So, experts, what are your opinions?
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
Black will be a little hotter, but probably not much as Hunter Green is a very dark green. Both should be cool roof colors, which will help quite a bit. It will also help a lot if you also use above sheathing ventilation. This is a technique that utilizes a spacer between the metal roof and the wood deck for air to move through. You will need to provide good air intake at the eave and air exhaust at the ridge. This will lower the roof deck temperature dramatically during the day. It will also help prevent ice dams in the winter. A common spacer method is to install a 1 x 4 parallel to the roof slope at a given interval and then apply additional 1 x 4s perpendicular to the roof slope on top of the first 1 x 4s. This will allow air flow up the roof. Make sure the 1 x 4s are not treated as treated lumber in contact with metal will cause corrosion. Also make sure the 1 x 4 s are properly attached to the roof deck.
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Great summary post right there and invaluable advice. Above deck venting is a great option and has nothing but positives (when done properly) to it.
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