Standing Seam Thin Film Photovoltaic

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I've been looking at standing seam metal roofing that comes with thin film solar (I imagine I shouldn't mention a brand here but there are several easy to find on the internet). What is hard to find is any objective information about any of these products; there don't seem to be any case studies, examples, testimonials, etc. that I can find. Wondering if the experts in this forum could help the metal roof TFPV industry with its present marketing disaster by sharing their personal knowledge or pointing to where some information can be found. I should add that one of the companies gave me contact information for three alleged dealers but not one has responded to my messages.
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I am not personally familiar with the efficiency, durability, and feasibility of the thin film PV. At last assessment, it was not a viable consideration when compared to regular PV panels. The technology is encouraging and will have considerable application in the future but as of right now, it does not seem to be a solution.
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