Michele Edwards
Please can you educate me a little. I had a metal roof installed recently. I asked about all the dents, every screw created a dent in the metal. There is visible silicone product all over the place. The panels have been screwed, unscrewed, and screwed again, evidenced by the two rows of screws right next to each other in certain places. I can see wood from the ground under the metal roof, there is also several (more than 15 panels) where the metal forms a type of hill on the roof like a mound. The metal is placed flush against my siding, no flashing and they have put it together like a jigsaw puzzle. I feel it looks terrible but am not sure how to go about finding out how it "should" be. Can you direct me to a resource, fellow roofing companies are not forthcoming to critique others work and I do not want to put people in a bad situation. Short of lying, is there a place I can do some research? I have attached one of the 130 something pics I have to show how they did the corner of one of my dormers on the front of my house, just not sure what to do from here?
Eric Novotny
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I cannot see the entire job, but what I do see does not look good. I would encourage you to contact another roofing company that does metal roofing (probably a good idea to look at some of their work) and have them give you an evaluation of the roof. What caused you to choose the company you settled on?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This does not look good. Please remember though that the only company with legal responsibility to fix things is the company that installed it. I do think that a report / expert opinion may be necessary. I would encourage you to contact the manufacturer of the roofing to see if they have anyone who can do an inspection and help sort things out. Aside from that, you can use this website to find other metal roofing contractors in your area and then see if they can be hired to do an inspection and write a report.
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