Roof needs to be replaced... ? metal shingles w/ condensation concerns

Theresa Albert
I need to replace all of our ridge vents (metal cheap builder type @ present), as well as replace a few missing shingles. Upon inspection of the roof for estimates, we were told that due to some cracking. chipping, moss growth, & rare buckling of our shingles, that we should consider having the whole roof replaced. We built our home 12 years ago so to do the whole roof seems premature, especially when to the naked eye it looks okay, but it is a standard 3 tab, 25 year shingle & with the interest rates down we considered biting the bullet and doing the whole roof before the expense of college bills hits our family. We sit on top of a hill with no protection from the elements & have full sun on most of our roof all day. The wind we experience @ this location is tremendous (a "breezy" day for most would mean 20+ mph wind for us & a storm could easily bring 50 mph gusts) so we considered metal shingle style roofing which, although more expensive initially, we thought would hold up better to the wind & weather & last us into retirement & reselling the home. I am seeking a professional, certified installer but have read comments upon searching for metal roofing that condensation could be an issue. Now, after reading your forum I am more concerned than ever. The few bids we had gotten said that our existing roof is in great condition with good ventilation & that we could simply apply the metal roof to our present one. We have adequate insulation in our attic space above the 2nd floor ceilings in the rafters w/ no vapor barrier between the drywall & insulation. The wood subfloor of the roof is seen in the attic space so there is no barrier @ the roof itself. There are ridge vents @ the peaks of every roof line/ projection. No evidence of water leakage into the attic. Can you ease my mind about metal shingle roofing or tell me what to look for in a contractor to ensure we won't have issues with condensation? Thanks in advance (especially for taking the time to read my length post!)
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Most of the issues of condensation that you are reading about are in exposed metal roof (i.e. you can see the underside of the roof) or in homes that have an insulated roof deck (i.e. the inside drywall/Tongue&Groove/etc is connected directed to the roof structure and there is insulation sandwiched between the drywall and the roof sheathing. In you application where you have continuous soffit and ridge venting, you should have no problems. It is always a good idea to seal up the attic floor to ensure that no additional bulk moisture is making it into the attic, however, you should be more than fine. You sound like a prime metal roofing client and a panel shingle roof would work great, give you an extremely long warranted life, and eliminate your blow offs. Find a roofer that knows his craft and you will be very happy.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Yours sounds like what I call "normal" construction. You have attic floor insulation and also ventilation in the attic which means you have intake vents and exhaust vents. No one has seen ventilation as an issue for standard shingles. Yours is indeed a perfect candidate for putting underlayment over the existing shingles followed by metal shingles. I have an article at which may be helpful, too, in answering your questions.
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