Sean Miller
Hello, I have a 100' x 40' metal pole barn. It is completely insulated with the 'bubble wrap' insulation. The floor is a gravel floor with a heavy plastic under the gravel. It has no soffit vents or ridge vents nor is it heated or cooled. I am having a condensation problem inside the barn during the summer months. I understand that this is typical? I was wondering if I put gable vents at both ends, would this eliminate my problem? If so, what size vents do you recommend or do I need a motorized vent? Do you have any other suggestions? Unfortunately, I was uneducated about the condesation problem with metal barns when the contractor built my barn. I do understand that there is a product that can be applied before the metal roof is installed to drastically help the condensation build up. I am looking for a fix so that I do not have to tear off the roof and start all over.
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
I would consider putting an intake fan with automatic louvers in one end and a motorized damper in the other end and tie them both to a 110v in-line humidistat. All of the above can be purchased at Grainger.
Sean Miller
I never thought of something like that. What size fan/damper would be suitable for me? Does the humidistat act like a thermostat in your application? Thank you for the advice!
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Humidistat controls fan operation per moisture content (relative humidity) in the air in the same way that a thermostat would control it via temperature.
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