eleanor vallone
Greetings, all! This site has been invaluable and I have spent many hours reading and learning. My new standing seam steel roof will be going on in April, and I have just a couple more questions.... Here are my house pictures... http://s888.photobucket.com/albums/ac86/eleanorvallone/Second%20Wind%20Farm/ Want to pick a color that won't turn off an executive type in the future - and the only thing I won't change is the color of the rock that was used. Any Atas color suggestions? More importantly - condensation. Going with Atas 26 guage standing seam steel over synthetic paper fastened to existing stringers (no plywood sheathing). Going with ridge vent, plus vented outside corners ten feet down (the installer makes these custom), for a total of about 60' of "ridge" vent. Have plenty of room for soffit vents, with 2' overhangs on the house currently finished with T-111 (because the existing cedar had plenty of natural venting). How much venting is enough venting here - at the ridge and at the soffits? The roof is over a very high attic space. There is R30 insulation under the plywood attic floor. THANKS.
Eric Novotny
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Eleanor, Color....can't volunteer any good information here. I would say you can stay in the same family of colors (earth tones) and be safe. Venting requirements can vary from home to home based on the porosity of the building envelope and climate. I would like to see those soffit vents opened up for nice continuous venting along the eaves all the way to the ridgeline. I think that is a cleaner look than vented corners. I prefer the roof to be a unbroken and clean looking as possible. A continuous ridgevent will allow for more than enough exhaust capacity. Limiting factors on most ridgevent equip homes are the soffits or make up air.
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