Can this roof installation ever work? (pics included)

John Baker
Hello, I could sure use some expert advice. I am thinking of making an offer on a building next door to one I am leasing. The metal roof is attached to the side of our building. Instead of slanting the roof to the rear of the building like all of the other adjoining buildings on our street, the eaves are sloped into and attached to our sidewall with flashing. (See Attached photos)The attached side only has one gutter and does not drain well. Inside the sheathing is well rotten in some spots. At some point I will consult a roofing contractor but need to know the right questions to ask. Also, I understand that our basement has always flooded in heavy rains since this building went up. Thanks in advance..
Nate Libbey
The entire design is inherently flawed. You could use more and more tar up the side of the other building, but the more rain you get the worse it will be. There is not only the problem of the water rushing down and hitting the wall, there is also the issue of the water washing back down the wall into the ribs of the panels. If the gutter was 2-3x larger that would help, but it's still just putting a Band-Aid on a gaping wound.
John Baker
Thanks Nate, I was afraid that might be the case. In addition to heavy rains, we also sometimes get heavy snow and ice, that's got to be a lot of weight up there on framing that's already compromised by rot. I attached another picture, one of the inside showing the rotted decking. I guess the roof will need to torn off eventually and replaced.
Eric Novotny
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That thing is a mess. Who would ever build anything like that.
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