metal roof/insulation and condensation

jerry estes
Here is what we have....metal roof, over furring strips, over asphalt shingles, over is a cathedral ceiling. The house was built in '51, has paper on both sides of a fiber, maybe rock-wool. We have not had any condensation....but we are going to replace the inside ceiling with sheet rock. I want to up grade the insulation and I am getting different opinions on how to to this and not create any problems. 1. 1" EPS board under the deck plus R19 bat 2. Pink ventilating board under the deck then R19 How do I insulate and not cause a problem.
Eric Novotny
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Depends totally on what R-Value you want to add to the roof and what your budget is. Foams will provide higher R-Values than fiberglass. Spray foam will provide a vapor/air barrier aspect as well as structural rigidity to the roof. Fiberglass will be your cheapest route but can work just fine if properly applied and the penetrations in the the drywall ceiling are sealed properly. The fact that the roof currently has over deck venting will make it less likely to sweat (if done properly) and also helps thermally isolate it from the roof substrate. Have you had issues with heat transference or cold spots before?
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