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I had a standing seam roof put on two years ago. Last winter went fine, this winter has been a bit tougher... One of my vent pipes (3" ABS) broke in two inside the house and the flashing and boot (combination rubber and bright aluminum flashing) basically split down the middle. This happened obviously because of the tremendous amount of snow we have had this winter. This is a dormer and the vent pipe goes through one corner of the bathroom (it is visible). The pipe broken in two at a coupling that was about 1 foot below the roof (at the ceiling line). I will get the roofer up here next week, but the question is, is this the roofer's fault? Did the boot break and then the pipe? Or is it a faulty vent pipe coupling? Should I ask for a stronger boot, or is that crazy? I also lost at least one brand new gutter which ripped in half. Two others are bent but might survive. Are gutters on a metal roof in MA just bound to get destroyed? Thanks.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Chances are the pressure of snow on the pipe caused it to snap and it took the boot with it. Boots typically provide no supporting strength. Sorry to hear of your problems. There are various types of splitters and support straps which can be used uphill of pipes. It would be good to ask your contractor about these. It has been a tough winter.
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