jack Gizienski
I have a metal building with a metal roof. Some time ago a section of the building that had roof only (no walls) was enclosed and some type of fiber glass insulation was run along the ceiling between the purlins. When the weather gets cold, condensation starts to form on the underside of the roof and begins dripping all over the floor and equipment. Can I simply tear out the glass insulation and spray open cell icynene on the under side of the roof panels? Would Closed cell be needed in this application? Is there a different/better solution?
Eric Novotny
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Either will work. Closed cell = higher R-Value per inch, less depth, more structural reinforcement, not water permeable. Open cell = lower R-Value per inch, more depth, some structural reinforcement, water permeable. Both are air barriers and will stop the condensation. Open cell will allow water from a leak to pass through, although typically not in the exact location of the leak, where closed cell will not.
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