Coating a stone coated metal tile roof

Ed Hettman
Dear Sirs, We are looking for the proper coating for a stone-coated metal tile roof. Age: 30-35 yrs. (estimated). Issues: 1) its losing its aggregate 2) baring the coating (assumed acrylic, though I originally assumed it was some sort of asphalt coating because it was black) 3) which is wearing away 4) and revealing the galvanized metal 5) which is rusting on many spots (mostly the raised portion of the metal tiles). The roof is solid, the metal is very thick, and no rust spots are so bad that they have rusted through. Indeed, the rust seems to be all surface rust. The tiles were extensively damaged in the past. Silicone caulk applied to cracks formed when the centers of the tiles were crushed, raising up the sides. There is a lot of silicone caulk on this roof - it’s a big roof but there must be 3-4 12-tube cases of caulk up there. There is fibered, asphalt roof cement in a few of the valleys. The silicone is an issue for liquid EPDM, correct? As well as the roof cement, right? I'm also very concerned with the rapidly wearing aggregate. The gutters need cleaning twice a year in some places because of it. A coating will have to be either clear or something that can be colored. The roof is mostly a 8 or 9/12 pitch with a smaller but still significant section at about a 12/12 pitch. We don't want to give up on this metal roof yet. What coating can help us add life to it? Thank you for your time.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Have you tried contacting one of the major producers of stone coated steel roofing? I would think they could help you.
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