furring strips vs more fasteners

Tim Miller
I building a two story house with a 5.5/12 pitch roof. I currently have 15/32 osb decking and a synthetic underlayment on the roof. I have received comperable quotes from different vendors for 3' Rib panels, exposed fastener, and galvalume. Most manufactures recommend putting 1x4 furring strips, but one manufacture recommends not putting on the strips and using more screws (almost double the number of screws). I like the idea of not putting on the furring strips (and it is a little cheaper), but since it is different from most, I wonder if I should be concerned? By using the "more fastener" method, am I setting my self up for more leak problems? It there anything else I should consider in my decision between these manufactures? Thanks!
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
The fasteners are pretty weathertight now if they are done properly. From a probability standpoint, more penetrations = more potential for leaks. You could make the point that more fasteners = more securely fastened roof and therefore more solid attachment and potentially less leaks. Go with the manufacturers recommendations on whatever system you decide on.
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