William Lord
I have a standing seam roof installed in 1938 on an 1820's house that is leak-free. It has had 2 coats of oil-based paint installed 15 and 20 years ago and Acrymax and Acrymax primer installed 10 years ago. I am getting total failure of the Acrymax in direct sunlight in the form of fading and chalking and serious blistering and peeling. Some of this is related to underlying (the Acrymax) paint and primer failure. I am seriously considering total roof replacement due to poor performance of the various roof coatings. Any advice on a roof coating technique that might work on what I have?
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Acrymax I believe is an elastomeric coating. Unless you can get it all off and get down to bare metal or at least a paint finish that is well adhered, I doubt additional restoration is possible at this point. I'm sorry.
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