Marty Mangum
I have a older metal building that was converted in to office space. The metal roof leaked so we applied an elastimeric roofing compound to the metal to seal all the holes, joints and seams. The roof pitch is only 1/12 pitch. The insulation on the under side of the metal is a 1 1/2" foil back, dense foam insulation that was applied before the metal was applied. This was done in the 70's. In the office area below and a second floor that was built in part of this building we have grid celings with acoustical tile. Since it it winter time here we have had leaks that we thought was from the new roof material that had not been applied correctly. The leaking takes place at the same time each day when the sun comes out to melt the frost of the roof. We are getting condensation from the frost between the underside of the metal and the top side of the insulation. It is running to the same area that leaks are coming from.It then leaks out of a hole that as been patched or fixed from the top side. We have ruled out acutal roof leaks. We have about 9' of open space from the grid ceiling to the existing roof insulation. Is there away to stop this condensation. We have added air to this area which hasn't helped. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks Marty Mangum.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Can you give me a call sometime please at 1-800-543-8938 ext 201 if you're interested and we will talk through this?
Eric Novotny
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Is there a way you can vapor barrier and insulate that 9' by 9' open space? I would see if that does not slow the heat and moisture migration enough to prevent the condensation, frosting, and melting of that roof. Start there and then determine if you require additional ventilation.
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