craig portz
I've got a stone coated metal roof that interlocks shingle to shingle. Essentially the shingles are similar to a composite shingle but larger and they interlock to the shingle below it. (It's a Gerard Granite Ridge systme) Therfore, a standard gutter screen that typically slides under the first shingle row won't work because the metal shingle interlocks to the metal drip edge. I've got regular 5" K style gutters. I'm looking for a screen type leaf guard that will clip to the gutter and somehow fit flush or butt up against the drip edge. Anyone know of a gutter screen that will work with the style of roof. I could use the foam stuff but I haven't heard a lot of good things about it. Thanks in advance
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Craig, Like you, I am not a real huge fan of the foam stuff. If you do not have a lot of leaves, I would just get the least expensive screen you can find and tuck it in where you can on the top side. If you do have a lot of leaves, I would look for one of the internal gutter protection systems like Leaf Relief ... or you could replace your gutters and use something like LeafGuard.
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