Charles Moore
Setting: vacation home used at all times of year but allowed to freeze up in winter. Gable roof with about 15ft upper @ 6/12 and 15 ft lower @ 2/12 pitch. have many years of trouble staying leakfree at change area as roof has to be walked frequently for very heavy leaf/pine needle removal as well as snow. I desire to put custom length metal all the way from ridge to eave to insure no place for leaks... reading the postings has been discouraging!! they talk of a pitch change flashing ---- how far under and out over the two pitches would that go? and how do you absolutely seal the lower against backup? putting new full length rafters ridge to eave over the existing roof has been suggested but the expense and the added weight are serious concerns. What about creating two lessor changes by putting a 4ft decking over just the existing pitch change. Would the lessor change make single ridge to eave sheets possible?? or even make the pitch flashing work better enough that two minor changes is better than one big change??? also --- very disappointed to find no listed contractor except over in Vt. ---- and there are a lot of metal roofs to be seen nearby. thanks for any thoughts..... Charles
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Thanks Charles. First of all, with a low 2:12 pitch portion, keep in mind that not all metal roofs can be used at that pitch. That low pitch at the bottom is undoubtedly a contributing factor to the issues you have had. Building up that pitch would be helpful. Also, anything more than a very very subtle pitch change will require flashing but a skilled installer can create pitch change flashings that work. As far as contractors I would suggest using this website to find products you like, link to their manufacturers, and inquire with them as to an experienced installer in your area. There are many good metal installers in your area.
Nate Libbey
Good advice Todd. Also, what I often recommend is using a panel like PBR-Panel / R-Panel at least on the lower slope roof. It does down to a 1:12 pitch roof, and is available from many MRA Manufactures. I would advise using butyl sealant between all the laps, and lap stitch screws on the laps to pull the laps tighter.
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