Some help for a new comer? Sheet metal roofing installation.

Anna StreamPrime
Sheet metal roofing installation
Hi All! My name is Anna and I just joined the forum, I’m also a new comer to sheet metal roofing installation. I’m still trying to understand it all and our company is still navigating through all the different ways to approach the industry. I was wondering – for those of you heavily involved in the industry, business owner or not, what are some of services, tools, strategies, or latest resources you find helpful or profitable in doing your work or - business if you have one? Online or offline, doesn’t matter, I’m sure there is a lot on both. Any tips and tricks would be awesome! Thanks and God bless! Anna
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Joining the Metal Roofing Alliance opens you up to some training modules for sales and installation. Additionally, individual manufacturers often offer training.
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