Rich Toole
My roof contractor installed my 5 rib metal roof this past week and placed the screws on the flat part of the roof instead of screwing them in on the 2 main ribs. I'm told that screwing them on the flat part will cause the planel to dimple there and possable water leak in the future. I also beleive that my warrenty is now voided for improper installation.....any advise or suggestions? Last problem, he is using alumium flashing instead of steel, and I'm told this will corriod the metals?
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
I assume you have a 5V Crimp roof. Fasteners placed in the flat of any roof panel are not prone to leak if they are properly installed, i.e. the screws aren't stripped but are fully seated to the metal. Commercial metal roofs have fasteners installed in the flat and are typically at a lower slope and have much longer runs. That being said, there are certain parts of the country, such as Florida, that seem to prefer the screws be installed in the top of the V. As long as the installer knows how to do it right, it works. If you want to eliminate doubt about your warranty, contact the panel manufacturer. As to your question about aluminum trim, if the panels are galvanized, the two materials are not very far apart on the galvanic scale. If the panels are Galvalume, then you basically have identical material as Gavalume is 80% aluminum by volume. I have never seen aluminum trim cause corrosion when used with either material.
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