Brad Kvanbek
How do I vent an exposed fastener hip roof, with four equal wall lengths, a square. The hips are equal pitch so the roof will come to a point. I will have lots of soffit venting, but what options do I have for upper roof?
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
With most metal roofs, you can install passive square or rectangle vents (aka turtle back vents and other names) shortly down from the peak. I would suggest doing it on each side of the roof.
Brad Kvanbek
I don't like those vents. Do you know of any detail for a cut out at the very peak and an raised portion to form a large vent?
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You can do a ridge/hip vent detail in nearly every application if you take into account the rain shedding from upper roofs and proper precautions against water flowing into the hip vent.
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