Why is the wavy corrugated not recommended for roofs?

Tina Cox
I looked to see if this was asked anywhere else didn't find it so here it goes I would love to have the "wavy" corrugated roof panels installed over the shingle I have now but I keep hearing don't use it for roofing. I can't seem to get a straight answer why this is so could you please tell me. Depending on the reason I might try it anyway. And also what is the name for this panel?
Nate Libbey
Tina, There are two popular sizes for corrugated (which is the name of the "wavy" tin). - 2-1/2" between ribs, with a 1/2" tall rib - 1-1/4" between ribs, with a 1/4" tall rib In general, the 2-1/2" can be used for both roofs and siding, while the 1-1/4" is only reccommended as a siding material. Several MRA members manufacture the 2-1/2" corrugated. Some links are below: http://www.abcmetalroofing.com/panels_corrugated.html http://www.fabral.com/product.php?id=3 http://www.metalsales.us.com/panel/2.5-corrugated/ (copy and paste the links into the top address bar)
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