Suzanne ferguson
I had the metal builing in the attached picture installed. The awning of the porch got my attention because there is white caulking sticking out at the interface of the awning to the building of this otherwise beautiful new metal building that is to be my "home on the land." The installing company says they can't get the caulking the same color as the building, but I have looked around at other metal building and I don't see any caulking of any color sticking out where an awning meets a vertical wall. Even the building they showed me as an example when we hired this company does not look like this. I have also been thinking about what this means when the caulking is exposed to the weather. Will it crack? will it leak? My spouse doesn't want to say anything to the company. He says the company says that this is all they can do, and it will always be a maintenance issue... whatever that means. I really liked the people at this company and I plan to talk with them myself to ask questions about my concerns. I want to go armed with some knowledge. Picture attached. Please share your experience. Suz
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There are many types and grades of sealants available. Some have very good life expectancies. That said, this flashing should have gone up behind the wall panels not on top of them. Many of today's sealants can be painted.
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