Lap on "Grand Rib" with 1/12 pitch

Guest User
I am looking for a coating solution for the lap joints (leaking during freeze up). I realize that the best possible solution would be to pull up the lapps and reseal. Due to the seaming tape used it is extremely difficult to "unlapp" without heat or damage. I am looking for a "prime & spray" type, one/two part solution or a brush on type product that would expadite the process. The temperatures may also dip in the 30's during application. Thanks ([email protected])
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
I would strongly suggest you take the laps apart and reseal with butyl tape sealant. Even though it is hard to do, it is the best approach. I have seen numerous attempts to seal laps externally with various types of sealant. I have never seen this approach last for an appreciable length of time.
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