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OK, now even more confused. When talking underlayment, it's seems to be like talking who makes a better truck...Ford or Chevy. My contractor wants to use #15 paper under my metal roof. I know the game; buy the cheapest and charge the most. With that I will go buy my own underlayment. I think that I will buy synthetic underlayment thought confused about the vapor barrier and not breathing. I'm worried about the metal roof sweating. My old roof will be removed. Then from what I read, it go's 1)underlayment 2) rosin paper, then metal roof. If I used synthetic, then I can scratch the rosin paper??? My contractor also doesn't feel the need for a ice barrier under the underlayment; stating that my roof is steep enought, yet he is going to install snow cleats. Any help???
Eric Novotny
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A metal roof sweats as a result of moisture from the living space meeting the cold roof. If the underlayment were non-permeable to vapor, it would be more likely to mitigate sweating, not encourage it. Most of the underlayments are designed to have a certainly perm rating but that is not designed to be your vapor barrier. Control the moisture from the home at the home and not the roof line.
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