Rich Toole
My Roof contractor is going to use #15 tar paper under my metal this right??? Thanks for your time.
Eric Novotny
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Whether or not it is acceptable depends entirely on what the manufacturer of the roof says is permissible. I will say this, that is the cheapest stuff you can use. A more durable option is a woven polypropylene underlayment and they are insignificantly more expensive than tar paper.
Nate Libbey
Nearly all metal roofing manufacturers allow installing metal roofing over 30 lb felt. The main disadvantages of doing so include: - Short lifetime (felt breaks down quickly under UV rays, and won't act as a second layer of protection for long) - When felt heats up, it partially melts, causing it to stick to the metal roofing. Then when the metal roofing expands and contracts, it can pull at the 30 lb felt, causing it to tear.
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