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We are from Ontario Canada and considering 3 products, each has something that appeals to us. Please advice which one will be more important in the long run for durability. 1)Galvalume coil steel(26 gauge) with stone granules bonded to steel panel rested on wood frame 2)steel roof(26 gauge) with poly vinyl coating on wood frame - don't have to worry that granules will fall off 3)29 gauge G90 galvanized steel with kynar500 coating on top of a layer of Tryflex
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks for your interest in metal roofing. The Metal Roofing Alliance is an association of competing metal roofing manufacturers and suppliers. As such, we cannot make recommendations of one metal roof product over another. We always, however, suggest the following as ways to get additional information: Talk direct to the manufacturers of the products you are considering. Go see existing jobs done in these products -- talk to the property owners. Also, look into past work done by the installer you're considering using and talk to their past customers as well. All Best.
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Hello, Just read your posting and option #3 is your best bet! I am originally from Ontario and with the climate we have you are going to want a paint finish and panel system that will last. Kynar500 has a 20yr non pro-rated warranty covering color fade, chalking, and film integrity at no cost... certain colors such as "Bright Red" are excluded. As far as using 29 guage steel...has anyone informed you about the possibility of "oil canning" ? This is where the panels have little wrinkles or waves throughout that is a result of thermal expansion. The thinner the metal the more this will show.( If you are going with a corrugated panel this will not happen.) One way of getting the benefits of all three is to go with a 24g G90 (heavier guage,standard material) if roof is standing seam. "Stucco Embossed" Finish (same visual effect of the granules ) Kynar 500 paint finish ( 20 yr warranty on finish at no extra charge from paint manufacturer) If you would like other information on the different systems available I would be happy to help. I do not work for, or represent any manufacturer or supplier, just trying to help out. J. Blair Metal Roofing Specialist Arcon International Inc.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Thanks for looking at metal. We are a manufacturer of two of the products you listed in granular finish and in painted. The finishes in Ontario especially are subjected each year to one of the most aggressive atmospheres in North America. The PH level of the rain is around 5 now with 7 being neutral so you want to pick a long life product. We were the first ones to introduce and promote high quality moisture barriers (underlayments) with Tri-Flex 30. Moisture barriers are a requirement of the residential building code and if you are putting on a permenant roof system you should choose a long life barrier as well. Inorder to belong to this association, our member manufactures agree to meet certain minimum material and performance standards and you do want to ensure the base steel is AZ50 Galvalume or G90 Galvanized. As too the finishes if you choose either a Kynar 500 painted or granular they each come with a minimum 25 year limited coatinmg warranty. Our association standrds call for a minimum thickness of paint thickness as well so ensure that you get an 8 mil build and not a 4. We also offer painted metal in Siliconized Modified Polyester paints that meet the standards as well. Both the Kynar, SMP and granular finishes should be using ceramic pigments which withstand the suns rays substantially better than organic pigments. These paints have better reflective values and some companies like ourselves have Energy Star approved products. As you can see, metal roofng offers significantly more options and benefits than other roofing products. Todd gives good advice. Talk to the manufacturers and get referances and investigate the properties of each product.
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