Michael Stephen
When my 12x12 tool shed roof leaked, I ran to Home Depot and bought metal roofing panels and put them over the existing shingles. It's been great for the past 5+ years. No issues. Now the HOUSE needs a roof, and I'm seriously considering giving it a go. Fortunately, it's a simple and fairly small roof over a rectangular frame. No dormers, no hips, just a straight roof with a gentle pitch. One fireplace at one end of the house. Dimensions are, roughly 50'x 20' for each of the two symmetrical roof halves. The rise to the peak of the roof is about 4'. Like I said, a gentle slope. I'm looking at a standing seam roof, and would appreciate advice about where to purchase materials. The closest I've found is Stuarts Draft, VA, a bit of a drive. I'm less interested in finding a contractor, as I've found that very few metal roofs are going on existing or new homes in my area. There seems to be a dearth of experience with residential metal roofing, in contrast to less urban areas. Suggestions? I'm reasonably handy, have a capable brother-in-law to assist, and am fairly optimistic about this. Many thanks.
Eric Novotny
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Look for a roofing supply center in your area and they can form the panels for you based on your measurements and color requirements.
Guest User
Thanks. I did find a couple of suppliers, one of whom is very accommodating and is scheduled for a visit to measure and give a precise estimate. Looks like I can do this for less than asphalt, if I supply the labor...
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