Robert Lesniewski
I recently installed a Stephenson Cupola with a copper roof on it... When the guys installed it they left finger prints all over it... I tried 409 and rubbing but it did not work... What are your thoughts?
Nate Libbey
Two ideas: 1. You can remove fingerprints with ammonium citrate solution(5%,pH9,take 50 gm citric acid,1 lit water and add ammonia to pH 9)-5% citric acid can be used too.Object must be well degreased(with Acetone or pure alcohol). Standard flux remover is 10% sulphuric acid solution.Hope it helps and good luck! 2. Wipe down with Xylene, let it dry, apply Brasso to it and with a small buffing wheel, not only will it take out the fingerprints but will also give it a high sheen. I found these ideas at: Some other resources that might be useful:
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