Richard McBane
Background: We are planning to replace a shingled roof on a 10yr old American Legion Post building. Would like to develop a set of specifications for contractors bids. The original roof has leaked since built, contractor is bankrupt so no recourse. Plan to replace with metal roof after stripping shingles and replacing any rotted wood. Roof needs to handle weight of people walking on it for other repairs. Where can we find information on what is needed in terms of vapor barriers, insulation, thicknesses of metal,etc? Any advise on what needs to be done would be appreciated. Thanks.
Eric Novotny
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Best place to start with materials specification would ultimately be with whatever material you decide on. In terms of underlayment (you are not putting down a vapor barrier as that would have been applied to the warm side of the building), a woven polypropylene is as good an option as you will find. Ice and Water shield at the Eaves and Valleys is a must.
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