OLDER METAL ROOF - 2 ft sections- replace or paint

julie Lindner
I just purchased a late 1800 home with a metal roof that is in 2 ft sections. I don't know how old the roof is or if it needs to be replaced or can I just have it painted. The roof does not leak. I don't know the material of the roof and or how long its been on the home. Can I call(and who) to see if its in good shape to be painted and or does it need to be replaced. If you call a roofer the chances are that 80% of them will say yes. Can you help me with this concern. Regards: Julie
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If you find a good/ethical contractor, they are not going to try and spend your money if it does not need spending. That being said, there is a lifespan of building materials and you may already have exceeded the project lifespan of that roof so do not be surprised if the recommendation is to replace it. Very few contractors will give you a leak proof guarantee on a roof that is potentially that old.
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