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I am planning to have a metal roof installed over my 18yr old shingles.All of the roofs I have seen installed in this area have been done with lathes attached to the roof and then the metal screwed to them. I just had a contractor give me a bid that uses a foil blanket over the shingles and then metal attached directly over that to the roof. Which is best. I also have two different roof systems one is a typical attic with vents. The other is an open ceiling with exposed beams with the drywall attached directly to the rafters, insulation,1X sheeting, felt paper and then shingles with no vents. I have had no problems with either roof just that the shingles are worn out.Should I stick with shingles?
Eric Novotny
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No reason to stay with shingles because they have worked. Metal will outperform shingles in this case as well. You contractor recommending the foil directly over the shingles and then the roof directly on top of that is incorrect.
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