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I recently had a metal roof installed. On parts of the roof, the screws appear to dimple or dent the roofing. Could this screws be too tight? Does this cause problems other than cosmetic issues
Nate Libbey
This is most likely to be only a cosmetic issue. It is usually a slight case of oil canning. It can have to do with the panel itself, the way the screws were put in, or the surface the metal roofing was installed on. The thinner the metal roofing, the more likely this is to happen. It might not be a bad idea to go up on the roof and look at the screws, asking yourself these questions: -- Are the screws on that area tightened way more than on the area that doesn't have that problem? -- Is the rubber gasket on the screws in that area squishing way outside the metal gasket?
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