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I recently donated 37 sheets of roofing from damaged roof by Katrina, to Green Project. How much should I put as value for this?
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Should I put the value at $5.00 per sheet. This is for income tax purposes, under donations. If you could give me an idea, I'd be most grateful. Mrs. Allen
Nate Libbey
Allen, This is a very difficult thing to estimate, depending on: - the type of the roofing - the condition of the roofing - and very importantly, the length of the roofing. If, as an example, it were a common 3' wide metal roofing panel: Suppose the panels were 10' long Suppose it were painted New they might cost $22.00 each But damaged they might be worth $10.00 each. Non-painted might be worth $17.00 new or $8.00 damaged. Again the problem is there are so many factors. Just estimate the best you can.
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Thank you, sir for responding. Thank you for taking the time to respond and show me what should be the considerations. Thank you so much.
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