L Lettice Carroll
We are building a house in Paso Robles, CA and have gotten a couple bids on a metal roof for 24 gauge and for 26 gauge roof. We do not have to worry about hail, tornadoes or hurricanes - just earthquakes which won't affect the roof ;) My question is that the 26 gauge roof quote was over $15,000 LESS than the 24 gauge. I know you get what you pay for but in this case does it really matter which gauge I choose?
Nate Libbey
For that type of price difference, I would almost certainly go with the 26 gauge. Questions to ask: - Are these quotes from the same roofer? - If not, have you checked out references from both? (particularly the lower priced one) - Are other aspects of the roofing systems comparable (type, paint finish, warranty) The actual difference between 24 gauge and 26 gauge is that 24 gauge is about 25% thicker than 26 gauge. Some companies offer their 24 gauge with a better paint system and warranty, while for other companies the paint system and warranty will be the same. If you are looking at a standing seam roof, 24 gauge is less likely to have oil canning, although if it has striations this is less of a possibility.
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