David Morex
We just purchased an old farmhouse in SE Wisconsin and we're thinking of re-roofing with steel. We will need to tear off two layers of asphalt and the original wood shake. Can we install a vertical panel steel roof over the existing purlins, or will we need to cover that with OSB first? Thank you in advance for any thoughts or suggestions!
Guest User
You would be better of building a new building ,
mick capper
metal roofing software
You will need to check measure your purlin spacings as metal roof sheeting has maximum spanning properties depending on the material thickness and you can usually find this information on the manufactures web site.
Nate Libbey
Good advice from mick. Usually if they are spaced close enough for wood shakes they are close enough for metal roofing panels. That being said, not all metal roofing is designed to go over open framing.
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