Interior condensation after metal roof installation.

Jesse Petty
Had a metal roof installed last year. During cooler weather no problem. But this summer began noticing mold, and gross condensation running down the walls inside. Have a Palm Harbor double-wide mobile home. No attic, just 8-18 inch space with insulation between ceiling and roof. Metal was installed over one layer old shingles. No lathe. Have gotten all sorts of experts saying all sorts of things with no concensus. Please advise!
Guest User
burn the place down and start from new
Nate Libbey
Jesse, I would ignore Mr>bush in this instance. He has been putting nonrelevant replies all over the place here. Mold and condensation suggest 1 or 2 things. 1. ----- You have a leak in your metal roof. a. I would suggest you inspect your roof carefully, looking for areas where panels and/or trims are incorrectly installed. b. Consider hiring an inspector who knows metal roofing to do this for you. Find out who manufactured your metal roofing. They should be able to provide you with an installation guide showing the right way to install metal roofing. 2. ----- You do not have adequate ventilation. This consists of air intakes (usually through soffits at the eaves) and air outlets (can be through a ridge vent, turbine vents, and gable end vents). Several questions to think on: a. did your old roof have a ridge vent or other roof vents? b. does your new roof have a comparable amount of venting? c. was some other aspect of your ventilation changed? (such as closing up soffits or taking out gable end vents)
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