Metal roofing that looks like shingles

Julie Nye
I'm looking for metal roofing that looks more like classic shingles or tile roofing - but installs in larger pieces like classic metal roofing and that doesn't require sheathing or underlayment. This is for a barn. Does such a product exist?
Nate Libbey
There are very few types of shingle looking metal shingles that will work, as most either come in small sections, and/or have to go on solid decking. There are at least two types of metal tile roofing that come in long sections and can be installed over open framing: Sapphire: Bratex USA: There may be other systems that I'm not aware of as well.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
As I read the International Residential Code, all roofs should have underlayment.
Guest User
Has anyone in this forum had any dealings or reports with Bratex USA? I am concerned about the validity of the company. They are 4 weeks overdue on the delivery of my metal and will not answer the phone or return my calls or e-mails.
Nate Libbey
Several notes: It looks like their website is down: Noone answers their phone, although they do have an answering system: 732-845-1482 They have one BBB complaint, which they didn't respond to: I would say you have reason to be concerned.
John Tosi
Do Not deal with Bratex USA. They are a scam company. They send samples and estimates but never deliver their product. I have contacted two other people who paid a deposit and never got their roof material. I am trying to deal with Bratex Poland to see if they will honor the estimates and deposit I have out to Bratex USA. It's 5 months from order date and still no product. They don't answer calls except to take orders and deposits. Beware of their scamming.
William Iovino
I contracted with GGI Bratex Usa over a year and a half ago he left me with an uncompleted job. Leaking gutters, unfinished penetrations, poor flashing etc. He also did my stucco which is also another disaster. I have filed a BBB complaint but there has been no recourse I am now proceeding to file a complaint with consumer affairs. Janus Swider is a scam artest he has been paid in full for an incomplete job and continues to suck people in. Please follow in suit this guy needs to have his home contracting liscense taken away. If anyone has any info on this guys whereabouts please forward to my email [email protected] he needs to be arrested for consumer fraud.
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