Persistent leak after roof replacement

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I replaced the aged tin roof on my 1927 flat roof duplex with a standing seam aluminum roof 6 years ago. Prior to the roof installation, there were several leaks, including a leak in one corner of a bedroom. The new roof solved most of leak issues but not the one in the bedroom. The bedroom leak is in the external corner where the bedroom adjoins another room to the rear of the house. Over the years, the contractor has made numerous attempts to address the leak (I believe primarily by caulking) but without success. The plaster ceiling and walls in that corner of the bedroom continue to degrade. I'm getting to my wit's end as to how to get this resolved without replacing the whole roof, especially since I had expected this roof to last long after I plan to live in the house. Any suggestions you might have on the best way to resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would suggest using this website to find another experienced metal roofing contractor to come in and take a look at things.
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I would build a new roof over the one u have now , that way if it leaks then you have 2 roofs to fix
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