masami hirokawa
I recently purchased a home with a pole barn (metal siding and roof). It is 30'x40' x 18'. 900 sq.ft. will be used as a dance floor that will be open to the 4/12 18' peak. It gets very warm in the summer and would like to use natural circulation (US Sunlight solar ridge vent) to help cool the space. My concern is heat lose during the winter. Should I cover it? Any suggestions? I also plan to install a swamp cooler on the roof. I have concerns about humidity. Also, the 2 estimates for the swamp cooler vary in that one contractor says I need a 4500 swamp cooler and another says I need a 6500. What gives? My initial reaction was that the 6500 would work less than the 4500. Am I out to lunch on the whole deal?
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