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My husband is planning on replacing the old rusted metal screws on our metal roof. It is a split level two story and is quite steep. He has purchased a safety harness, but still needs some sort of traction as he walks up and down and across to replace screws - also will be bending down you see to do that. I understand that their is a way to screw down planks across the roof somehow. Can someone elaborate on exactly how to do that? Thanks.
Todd Miller
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Normally such planks would be supported from the bottom or hung from the ridge.
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shortley after a rain to clear the dust use a long rope with a large dia. draped over the ridge and tied off on the other side.then select a good super clean sticky pair of tennis shoes. Hang on to the rope with one hand and the other hand use a screwgun,must be tough and agile though.
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buy 2 or three roofing jacks hang the jacks a foot down from the ridge or peak of your house hang it 2 feet from the gable or edge and hang another 3feet beside it the concept is to hang your ladder on the jack un screw replace USE OVER SIZED IF NEW SCEWS DONT STICK climb up to ridge sit move ladder to your set jack and repeat screw jacks with extra long washer screws and try to hit studs put the screw back tight in the screw holes from jack when you get to the end put a ladder up by your jack from groundget on that take ladder down unsrew and resrew done if roof is short separate ladder if tall tie rope around the steps on both sec. where they meet each srew can hold 1000 pounds shear weight i do this all day without a harness this is coming from the best in roofing a legend roof walker
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simply buy roof jacks (2) for a shingle roof. Apply duct tape to the back. Back out the screws 2' from the gutters edge. You are then able to hook the ladder into your roof jacks.
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